Implement StackScrollView Like Twitter iPad App

StackScrollView project is a demo app for creating view like twitter app for ipad, created by Me (Reefaq Mohammed) & Nikhil Jain at raw engineering

check out from GitHub

Note: this project is only for iPad under xcode version 3.2.5

StackScrollView is a simple way to present a sliding view interface similar to Twitter’s iPad App. It comprises of three classes, RootViewController,MenuViewController and StackScrollViewController.

StackScrollView supports :

  • Orientation (both Landscape & Portrait)
  • Swipe Gestures
  • Bouncing Effect

Image 1


Add RootViewController,MenuViewController and StackScrollViewController files to your Xcode project.

Getting Started

StackScrollViewController is a main content area, to add view in StackScrollViewController you need to add your controller object in its method named

  • (void) addViewInSlider:(UIViewController)controller invokeByController:(UIViewController)invokeByController isStackStartView:(BOOL)isStackStartView;


  • controller : object of a controller whose view should be added
  • invokeByController: object of a controller from where it has been invoked
  • isStackStartView : set this to TRUE/YES if you need to place this controller’s view at very first position (Note: all the other view in view stack will be removed), set this to FALSE/NO if you need to place this controller’s view in stack hierarchy